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Feminine mystique of women in Ukraine

If you are among those who are interested in meaningful relationships with a Ukrainian woman, you should know more about her national character. The marriage is a landmark event. Your family is a place where harmony and love are expected to exist and this is possible when all its members live in unity and mutual respect. A detailed look at the peculiarities of surroundings where a person is brought up will help to understand his nature at least. In general, growing up in a certain country makes impact on ideas and life values of people within the same generation. Though, you should be ready to meet a kind of exception from the rules.

So, let’s find out more about Ukrainians as a nation. There is a widely spread opinion that Ukrainians love tableful and have a passion for eating, drinking, and singing romantic and soft songs. We should mention that family and friends are more important in Ukraine than career. The personal relationships mean a lot and give a sense of security against difficulties of life and dangerous outer world. The Ukrainians are supposed to be optimistic, hardworking and usually well-fixed, as far as they live on fertile land and in mild climate. By the way even town dwellers have a deep respect to native soil. It is clear that bread and all bakery products are rather popular here. You can use this information when coming for a visit in Ukraine and bring with you a small basket with fresh and tasty flour products, which can be bought without any difficulty in local modern bakeries. In this case you should remember that beautiful Ukrainian women usually watch waistline so it should be a symbolic present as an addition to flowers and a traditional bottle of wine. Again you’d better learn how your woman feels about alcoholic drinks before to bring the latter.


Start talking about the beauties of nature or animals and more likely you will meet with support. You can try to discuss an outstanding sport event, even if your girl-friend is not interested in it, she can listen and usually take part in a conversation in a skillful way. People living in this country make friends easily and have a great sense of humor. You will have an advantage if you are able to appreciate a good joke and laugh at it. At that, if you are somewhere outside, you can meet service-without-a-smile that is rather the norm than the exception.


Here we get at Ukrainian women! They are usually busy running households, caring for their children and husbands, and manage to work at jobs doing all the above. Though men have the authority, women are recognized to be rather high-powered in the society. We wouldn’t speak of feminism in Ukraine, because this movement is not an issue here. The Ukrainian women seem comfortable with slight gender divisions insisting on their rights without loud proceedings. We should warn you, they look gorgeous in everyday life. On the street you will see ladies dressed like during fashion week in Paris. The Ukrainian women prefer wearing heeled shoes and applying perfect make-up without special occasion. So, do not be surprised! Just contact potential matches of this nationality and you will feel the difference even without our hints!

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