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Find out more about attitude of women from Ukraine to men who like to have a drink


It is widely known that society’s attitude towards alcohol drinking is different within various cultures. More often in the developed countries there is a range of laws restricting the alcohol drinking in public, or at the particular time, or by the young people of the particular age. If you do not know the rules in any foreign country that you visit, you’d better make inquiries in order to be sure when it is appropriate even to speak about it not only drinking. At the same time, if all the legislation requirements are followed, the alcohol is rather common and valued. In Ukraine it is used in a lot of Ukrainian social rituals and consumed in an everyday life, at table, for example. Of course, excessive drinking can cause individual problems, problems in relation to family and friends, lead to risky sexual behavior, fights and as the result turn to a hospital or police. So if you want to find a good wife in Ukraine, you are expected to be free of this bad practice.

How do Ukrainian women regard alcohol and in particular men who drink alcohol beverages? The answer is: it depends on a woman, not a nationality. For your part you should not try to make a good impression here that is not true to fact. It is unadvisable to show a wrong attitude and hide your preferences but you’d better do it in a polite and definite way so that the complications and misunderstanding do not start up. Both the fact that you are a total abstainer and the confession of your love for wine or beer can make or break a relationship. You cannot guess what variant is more probable, but anyway you should be honest. More likely you will be expected to explain why you refuse even a glass of wine. You understand that in addition to a healthy living the reasons of abstention can be a disease, or bitter experience like alcohol dependency in the past, or uncontrolled behavior when being drunk. Your bride-to-be has the right to know such details. We guess it would be wise to ask what she thinks on this subject before you meet. In your letters you can find out her favorite beverages, her attitude to people who spend their spare time hitting the bars and make a conclusion if you have the general views.

The simple question “Can you date someone who doesn’t drink at all?” made during the intercourse by correspondence can make easier your future talk about it. If you are a regular drinker who believes that it is normal to have several drinks during every day, you can have some problems with Ukrainian women. They do not tipple at all! Some of them can have a strong drink from time to time or celebrating something but in everyday life it can be a glass of wine, champagne or beer for gastronomic purposes taking it with meat, fish or fruits. Even in this case it happens not so often. You do can find a connoisseur of fine alcohol beverages, but more often Ukrainian girls prefer to communicate with a man who does not enjoy drinking. They are family-oriented and consider a partner as a future father of their children and as a man who can support his relatives, be reliable and able to manage their common money not spending it on spirits. There is still an opinion that you should drink to relax and have fun, but more and more women take the view that the life can be interesting and engrossing without any alcohol. Though under certain circumstances some really precious bottle with tasty is usually accepted under certain circumstances.


In General in Ukraine alcohol is not the principle problem, here in most cases the situation is rather under control. Though you can hardly find a family, which does not have alcohol beverages at table during any festivity, but most Ukrainians know how to drink, they eat a lot - bite after as they say. So, be ready to pass a test.

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