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Find out main cultural differences with women from Ukraine and from any other developed western country

Trying to find a woman of your dream online you have a chance to meet her in Ukraine. The dating websites are unique possibility to date without any boundaries. Ukraine is rich in beautiful, educated, charming and family-oriented ladies and if you can find common ground with a woman from this country, you will have a careful and trustworthy wife. So, when you start dating, you’d better be prepared and learn about traditions and culture of this land in order to please your significant other. For this reason, you should admit the existing differences between you and your foreign bride-to-be. The behavior regarded as absolutely normal in Western Europe can be taken as a little bit strange in Ukraine. Moreover, you can offend deeply your Ukrainian woman being unware of it.

From the very beginning these relationships will demand your efforts to remember that Ukrainian mistress was brought up within completely different circumstances under influence of completely different culture. Some of those impact factors are in your favor, for example the fact that the feminism is not widely spread in this country. Of course, Ukrainian women are modern and independent but they do not have feminist mindset. They are used to take care of their children and men, performing household duties, preparing dinners and expecting from their husbands to earn money and to be the head of family. There are some variants of this pattern, when a woman prefers working herself or hiring domestic assistant, but still she is much more tolerant and shows more respect towards her man than a western lady does. You can count that a Ukrainian woman will avoid damaging her husband pride and will not discuss their life together in public. She will be dedicated to her family if her husband meets her expectations.

At the same time Ukrainian women are more prudent and tough-minded. If you date or even already meet, she will assess you taking into account your ability to take care of her and your children, to manage your money, to be responsible. She has a plain common sense and that is a result of not simple economic environment in Ukraine. When you visit cafes, restaurants or markets, it will go without saying that a man should pay showing his care, ability and readiness to pay. Otherwise you take a chance to be misunderstood. You can imagine that here it is regarded offensive for a man to make a woman pay as if you take her out for the evening having no money.

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The appearance of a Ukrainian woman in everyday life also differs from that in western countries. Here girls are always ready to meet their fate. They look after themselves, wear beautiful clothes and higher heels. Their dresses are more feminine and sexy. It is widely accepted that Ukrainian women are very attractive, partially this is due to their appearance and skills to present themselves. They will keep in mind your preferences when going to meet with you… if you let her know about them.


Of course, this is not a complete list but we offer typical differences. Remember that Ukrainian women love to get fresh and beautiful flowers. Do make efforts to find out, which ones are her favorite in order to show your affection.

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